Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I have not been updating my blog cause there really no interesting stuff happening,neither I have any idea to write.I talked her bout it with my friends the other day(look how serious I took my blog that I was willing to put my gossips aside and discussed bout it instead) at Kandang-a place where stalls are placed in my college and why they related it with a place people breed goats,I have no idea.I don't remember exactly who but she raised her glass and said "You do not need to write bombastic stuff,just write the thing you fancy to do everyday.Write about(she had careful thought.Wow,my blog must be really important.)..Lepak!"

Lepak an easy word.Lepak can be define as gathering (with friends usually) at one place and chill.Juz chill. I love to lepak a lot.(who don't.Usually it will be mamak or kopitiam.Eversince my semester break,I been stayin in KL(back)with my sister.So everytime,she went back from her work place,we would go out and lepak.If you stayed around Wangsa Maju,Keramat,Ampang or KL to be exact,you will recognize our favourite spots : NZ Wangsa Maju,Papa Rich Rampai,Danau Kota, Bangi Kopitiam Taman Melawati ,Suzy Corner Ampang,Dagang Avenue Ampang,Steven Pandan and lately my friend,M introduced me to Hartamas Square,Hartamas of coz..

Lepak needs :
  1. Two or more friends.The more , the merrier.
  2. Tables and chairs
  3. Drinks.Typical drinks will be Teh Tarik,Milo Ais and Teh O' Ais Limau.
  4. Borak(conversations).
Optional :
  1. Foods.Lepak foods usually not very heavy and fast.Favourites are Char Kuey Teow,Roti Canai,Chicken Wings and Street Burger.
  2. Cigarettes.(may be compulsory to certain people)
  3. Shisha.(like cigarettes , just bigger.)
  4. Big screen tvs.Compulsory for football fans.

Great things about lepak are :
  1. It's cheap.Way cheaper than clubbing , that's for sure,or shopping.You need at least RM5,or less.Sometimes if you lucky,you friend pay for you.She will not care cause it's cheap.In your case,it's free!!!
  2. It's time to just chill and relax.This is the time when you are able to talk bout the silly stuff that interests you like this person you has crush on,Bukit Bintang,gay people,Spongebob Squarepants.This is also time for you to complain about your work,your weight,your boyfriend,girlfriend or your bank account.This is it,you guys.This is it!!(Wow,Sara.Not a big deal.)
  3. It gather people.Your friends were living distant from you and you really wanted to talk with him,or you were busy all day that you have no time to speak to your friends or you were living alone and you just want to meet people,answer is lepak.
  4. You meet new acquaintances. You friends bring friends,your friends' friends bring their friends.Obviously,you can make new friends.Maybe if you lucky,you will meet your soulmate.I know I did.Not really soulmate but he is cute and I'm dating him for a while now.
  5. Just the feeling that good foods and drinks bring.Kenyang perut , suka hati!!
But... :
  1. Lepak can be a little too crowdy.Sometimes you just want to free your mind from the hectic-ness of working or classes,and it is not helping by seas of people trying to fight for seats or the noises of people chattering very loud like they that own that place.(macam bapak die punye kedai)
  2. It test you patience.The waiter can be really busy,the services can be too slow,they may got you the wrong order.These are typical problems occur,and you will listened to your friends saying repeatedly "Sabarlah!" You sighed and punched the table slowly.
  3. This one,doesn't usually happen in kopitiam but mamak,selalulah..The appearances of the street workers.Maybe in form of blind person and his helper,little childrens,man with songkok or ah-pek with a basket full of pirated dvds.Don't call me mean,please.I am a generous person, I am but like my sis said "Kalau sorang dua orang okaylah,ni sampai lima orang sekali satu time,pokai gak aku."We are lepaking.How much do u expect kitorang ade dalam poket..DVDs okay..leh layan lagi.At least,they working for the money.
Maybe :
  1. The place may not be clean,especially at mamak's..They will be running of things with antenna,tentacles,fur and tails.The sights ain't that pretty.
  2. Appearances of buskers.I am an art student,and I love musical kind of buskers.It's like cheap kind of live music.It just filling up the air with joy.For me.
Why am I'm telling you with things you already know,because it is things I know well.Well enough to write.Lepak is just a simple activity people do everyday, but not many actually thought about it.Lepak is fun and I enjoy writing fun things.So,jom lepak!!

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