Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Esok mungkin ada yang meminang Yumny,
Esok mungkin Mek bintang sensasi,
Esok mungkin Tyra menyerang Zombie,
Esok mungkin aku akan mati.

Itu esok, dan itu mungkin. 
Hari ini yang nyata,
Aku sayang korang semua.

Dan jika hari ini ada 1000 kemungkinan,
Aku akan lenyapkannya sekerah tenaga

Jangan lupa kita,
Jangan berani lupa kita.

Sara Cempaka

P/ S : Sesuatu kita boleh pegang, bila kita makin jauh. 

Bingkisan untuk :
Nur Athierah Bt Asri
Siti Sarah Mat Nayi
Nurul Yumny Bt Zainy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When you're besides me,
With a pack of ciggies 
And a pocket full of stories,

I stared into your eyes,
With hope you don't realise,

I smile,
and stared for a little more while.

Time to gasp for air,
Before I drown in there.


P/S : Biar kita macam ni sahaja,
        Risiko itu bodoh.
        Aku rela kita macam ini sahaja.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


 Kan kau dah toreh hati ini,
Darah masih mencicih lagi,
Kau nak robek-robeknya pula, 
Biar ia parah berparut luka?

Kan kau dah menampar ku dulu,
Pipi masih panas menutup malu,
Kau nak meyapu hinaku pula,
Biar jelas panau di muka?

Kan kau dah menerajang ku keluar,
Kaki masih terhinjit mengheret sukar,
Kau nak cengkam keduanya patah,
Biar ku tempang tak bergerak sudah?

Kau bukan Firaun kan?
Pandang aku, senyum sedikit,
Jangan biar ku befikir yang bukan-bukan,
Biar aku tahu kau dah berubah.

Aku rayu jangan sakiti aku lagi,
Tolong jangan sakiti aku lagi.

Monday, June 28, 2010


By Sara Cempaka

Kau pendeta suara platinum,
Hujah-hujah kau, kau lelong berjuta-juta,
Walau terangannya ia dusta.

Enjin kereta BMW mu  berkuasa tinggi,
Rumahmu mahligai yang paling besar sekali,
Telefon bimbitmu New Series,
Pacarmu dari dewi pari- pari.

Pot Pet Pot Pet,tolonglah berhenti.

Jangan kau hilang di alam maya,
Katamu satu tak boleh caya.

Sudah-sudahlah sayang,
Jangan kau nak gebang.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Over You

I am so tired
I had cried
I had tried

You are not a king,
For me to surrender on your feet,

I am over you,
I'm so over you

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sendiri by Sara Cempaka

Aku terdiam sebentar,
Dalam keserabutan minda memikr,
Aku cuba senyap,
Di dalam kebingitan kekecohan ,
Aku dengar degup hati,
Aku lihat kilas air mukaku,
Aku sebenarnya sepi.
Aku sebenarnya sendiri.
Aku sebenarnya sesat dalam duniaku sendiri.

Minta ditarik aku,
Selamatkan ku,
Dari kegelapan dosa-dosaku
Minta dipegang tanganku
Pandulah ku ke jalan yang kau kata lurus itu
Aku gerun untuk berjalan tanpamu

Aku mahu berubah
Tapi aku sendiri.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monorail Crush

This is my first attempt of writing a fiction,so don't laugh at me.I'm embarassed enuff.. ;-)

DATE: 7th May 2009
TIME: 7.30 P.M
PLACE: Monorail Station, K.L Sentral

“Are you trying to kill him?”

I searched for the voice.

“Excuse me?”

The source was a boy about my age. He was sitting next to me.

“You’ve been staring at him for hours, your eyes don’t blink.”


“It’s as if you are setting up an assassin plan. Because if it’s for another reason, that is you have this crush on him, I can’t see any other reason why. The man looks like a younger gay version of Donald Trump.”

I tried hard not to frown. What’s wrong with this guy? Why did he assume things like that? Why is even he looking at me? He didn’t even know me. I looked across the rail and saw the man. He did look a bit like Trump without the white hairs, the frec.. Oh god, what’s up with me? I got a monolog playing in my head. Like always. I flipped my hair back and looked back at the nosy boy. He plucked in his earphone and nodded his head, acting like nothing happen. I can’t believe this guy. The monorail passed the station as all the passengers come in and out .The man got in the monorail. This always had been the bitter part. Seeing the guy of my dream leaves the station, leaving me. I took the last glance at him and his tall figure in the tailored suit. He was perfection, he fitted exactly how I imagine my dream man to be, tall, fair, mature, sophisticated, very modern kind of guy. I waited till the station was cleared out and took a look at my watch. Thank god mum was working late. These heels were totally not helping getting me a bus home before time.

Walk, walk. Ooh, Seven E. So, I don’t remember needing anything? Walk, Maira, walk.
What is that? Brad did not. Ok, no time for gossips magazines..Wait, Paris wore that to the party?

I looked at my watch. I guess I do have some times. And I also need something else, important thing. I need… a milk carton yes I need milk because I, cannot sleep without milk. I might get insomnia and it will be hard for me to concentrate on classes the next day. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell mum. I entered the shop and went straight to the magazines department. I took the magazine I saw and flipped it. This is only going to take a minute. At least it suppose to.

“Do you actually come here just to creeps the Trump guy out?”

I lift my head up. It’s the earphone guy that sit next to me at the station.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked and moved back a distance.

“I work here and free reading is not allowed. “He snatched away the magazine and put it on the rack. “The question is, are you stalking the poor Trump guy?”

“I am not” I turned away and walked other directions. He followed beside me.

“Then why are you still here. Why don’t you take the ride?”

“Because I live five miles from here so I don’t need to take the monorail, but of course I do need a Rapid KL.” My brain seems to be dysfunctional for a while that I blurb everything that comes to mind. He raised his eyebrow, totally out of confusion.

“I don’t know why I am explaining myself to a stranger. I am late and I’m just here to buy something I really need. “I turned away and grab anything near me and walked straight the counter. He goes behind the counter. “You really need a razor?” I looked down. I am holding a yellow ‘Gilette’ razor, a razor, for goodness sake. I put in on the counter. “I am not judging.” He said and grinned as he put the razor in a plastic. I snapped, “Oh really cause that’s what you been doing since I saw you before. “I grabbed the plastic and walked away. How dare he made an amusement out of me. I was not and refused to be a joke.

“Hey, razor girl!” I turned back. He was running toward me. “What? Had you tease me enough? What now, tell me I look like a freak, my hair is horrible, or I walk like duck.” I asked him sarcastically. He runs his hand through his spiky hair. Just then I notice how tall he is. He has scar right above his eyebrow, slight beard and thin lips with a hint of smile. “What?” I ask.

“I’m sorry miss, you haven’t paid for the razor.” said scar guy. I was blushed with embarrassment. I was rushing to get away from him that I forgot to pay. I saw the price tag.RM 2.00. I opened up my purse and take out two RM 1.00 bills and handed over to him without even looking at his face. He stood there statically, staring down at me. I slowly turned my back and continue to walk.

“For the record, I don’t think you look like a freak…at all” He said. I looked back to him. By the time, he already ran back to the Seven-E.

DATE: 11th March 2009
TIME: 7.10 P.M
PLACE: Monorail Station, K.L Sentral

I struggled out of the monorail. People were pushing my petite body easily. This always had been the busiest station. I was always the last to go out.

I went to college near Hang Tuah and usually my classes finish after 6. Even if they are not, my friends and I will hang out at nearest Mamak just talking, gossiping. I usually arrived the station before 7 but for some reason the ride arrived late today and I stuck waiting for half and hour. I blamed it on my mother. We’ve been arguing bout getting me a car for ages. I could have asked my dad but he barely home. Even if he is home from his business trips, mum will do all she could, not to allow dad to buy me car. Sometimes I was so close to convince him but here she come nagging how dangerous it is to drive in the city.

‘Prakk’ I looked down. Awesome, one of my heels broke. Just what I need. I sat on the bench, trying to fix it. No use. What a day, stupid heels! I broke the other heels. Perfect. Now I have heel-less heels. I sighed and stood up. I glared around and stop.

That was the moment I saw him, the love of my life. It was like a destiny. He was laying against one of the pillar, holding his phone to his ear. He had a clear fair skin and his eyes, wow, I’m just so mesmerize. I was staring at him quite long till I noticed a little kid was doing the same thing to me. I cleared my throat and walk off as that side of the ride finally arrived.

DATE: 7th May 2009
TIME: 7.25 P.M
PLACE: Monorail Station, K.L Sentral

I couldn’t take my mind off him since that day. I will wait down the station no matter when he arrived. Usually he was there before I did. I will sat and watched him till he left. He always waited alone. He wore dark blue suit on Monday and Thursday and black on the rest. He loved to drink 100 plus while he waited and often he’s on the phone. He looked like a busy man. Every time he is on the station, he either is on the phone, flipping thru documents or scribbled something on his notebook. He must be a very important man in his company. It’s so exciting to watch him day to day.

Today was no exception. He wore a tidy dark blue suit and he looked clean shaven. He was text messaging someone. I watched his every move and he will not notice me. He never did though but I like to said, he was a very busy man.

“You should just go after him, you know or he will never know you ever exist.”

I certainly recognized the husky voice. The scar guy sat next to me and lit a cigarette.

“Are you sure you are not a stalker.” I said and crossed my hand. He offered me the cigarettes and I shook my head. Do I look like smoking type? “See, I felt really bad bout yesterday, let’s make a truce ok?” He said facing me. I never notice his puppy eyes before. I thought what the hell, I don’t get any benefit arguing with him anyway. “Ok.” I agreed.

“Haris”, he said, gave out his hand. “I shook his hand “Maira”. He stared at me for a while. “You look a bit like my sister.” he said. “I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.” I replied. He laughed. I smiled.

“So, Miss Maira, would you care to tell me how long you have been observing this guy?” he asked, puffing out some smokes. I watched across. The man was still there, still text messaging.”I took a deep breath. “Well, if I answer your questions, will you answer mine back.” I asked him. I turned to him. Haris smirked. “I don’t know Mr. Trump but I think I know someone who can get his fax number.” I rolled my eyes and got up from my sit. He pulled my hand. “Ok, ok. No need to be mad. It’s a deal”. I sat back. Always work.

After settling down the seat, I answered “Two months.”I slipped my hair back “I had watched him for two months now.” He widen his eyes disbelieve. “Two months? Do you even know”, I interrupted him. “I believe it’s my turn.” He looked another way. “Ok.”

We continue our Q and A sessions for a while. I told Haris my full name, where I’m from before the station, what I do, how much I know bout the man and how I hated crowded monorail, basically everything he wanted to know. Haris told me that he worked at the Seven E for two years now, that he liked to take a break at the station just watching people go by as they gave inspiration to him to make music and he got in out by climbing the fences. He said the guards will ignore him as long as he got them ‘Slurpee’. I laughed. He laughed. In fact we’ve been laughing so much, we caught every passengers attention. I looked at the man across. Even he was staring me. I can’t help to stare back. Oh my god, is that a smile? Out of all the time in the world, that was the time the monorail decided to arrived. “Damn it! Did you see he was smiling at me?” I hushed. “Who? Donald?” Haris asked, leaning forward to get clearer view. The ride moved at the exact time. I leaned back and grinned. “He smiled at me. Finally he smiled at me.” Haris did not react. No sarcasms, jokes or teases. It must be hard to believe for him either, that the man I like finally notice me. “Now, can you see that?” I continue. “He is perfect. Charming, nice and sophisticated man. And he sees me. He might have sees me before, all this days, I don’t know. It felt wonderful when he smiles at me.”

“Are you sure?” Haris finally spoke out. My smile faded. “Are you sure he’s all you think he is. He might be a thief who cheats on his wife, you never know. Even if he is a what you say, busy business man or whatever, he must be real bad on what he does that he can’t afford to buy his own car, isn’t he? ”

I was pissed off. I emerged from my seat.. “What’s wrong with you? Why do you need to be so pessimist? He is humble and prefers to use public transport. At least he has a stable career, enough money to buy pretty suits while you wore second hand shirt and wasted your work time doing nothing but to disturb people.” I was breathless. Haris went near me and we were face to face. He looked tense, mad-dissapointed.

“And you said I’m the one who judging. At least I asked you Umairah. I put question mark in every word I spitted out, a chance for your own assurance. You the one who put full stop in every words you said and so sure bout it that you don’t care a bit to verify them.” He replied firmly. We just stood there for moment in silent. I was speechless. I felt like my tears are about to run down

I moved away quickly. “I have a bus to catch.” I said and ran to the exit.

DATE: 8th May 2009
TIME: 7.25 P.M
PLACE: Monorail Station, K.L Sentral

Today I had a mission. I was going to prove Haris was wrong. Even though I was judging, my judgment was based on truths. The man or Donald as Haris called him was as truly as what I expected he was. This was not on one glance but two months observations, thank you.

So I went to the opposite side of the station right after I got down the monorail. Today I’m going to meet him, got to know him and proved I’m right. My eyes roamed to the station. There the man of my dream. Today he did not wear any suit and tie. Just white shirt, unbuttoned. He still looked gorgeous. He drank his 100 plus. I glared at the station I usually wait and saw Haris at the usual spot. I walked slowly to get his attention. I got his attention alright. He was shocked and it showed clearly in his face. This is perfect, he shall see me win the debate. Haris got up from his seat and moved away. Scared huh? You snoozed you lose, honey. I continued walking to him. I gathered all my guts and tapped the man shoulder. He turned his face to me. I had to pull myself together, trying not to faint. Finally, I can hear his sultry voice. “Can I help you?” My lips were sealed for seconds. I tried to speak “I had.”

“Baby, here is your suit. I tried to clean the soda but I think we have to wash it at home.” said a woman, grabbing his waist with one hand and holding his suit on another. “It’s ok darling, it just a work suit. Who care bout work suit?” He said, kissing the girl on forehead. Then they both turned to me. “Can we helped you?” asked the woman curiously. I was stunned . Darling? Baby? I never thought of these things. I cannot move till I was touched by a hand. “Honey, there you are. I told you to wait at the stairs. I am so worried.” Haris said. “Thank you for looking out for my girl.” He said to the couple and pulled me away. I followed him without turning back. I was still surprised that my mind went blank.

We sat at our usual seat. I don’t remember how we went there. My mind dazed to nowhere. “Are you ok? I saw her before you went there that’s why I rushed there” Haris asked, smoothing my hair back so he can looked at my face. “  You are right. I know nothing." 

Haris pulled me in his arms out of sudden. “Hush now.” He said, patted my head. I hold him tight. I cried, I just cried in his arms.

DATE: 9th May 2009
TIME: 12.00 P.M
PLACE: Monorail Station, K.L Sentral

I waited him out the station. I promised to meet Haris here before lunch time. I was still sad bout what happen yesterday but he promised to make me feel better. After 5 minutes, he went out with two ‘Slurpee’ cups and plastic bags.He gave the ‘Slurpee’ to the guard at the ticket place and called me to join him there. “Bring your girlfriend huh today? Here’s your tickets.” said the guard who was a short Indian man with a cheery smile. I smiled back to him. He thanked him and pulled my hand to the station. He keep walking though I kept asking him to stop and tell me where we going. We waited for a while, and he still didn’t answer my questions. He distracted me with his instead like how I’m doing, How my mum doing and what I ate for breakfasts. He don’t even waited for me to answer and pulled me in the monorail when it arrived and he find the best spots for us to sit.

“Ok, can you tell me now, where are we going, what we doing, are you kidnapping me Mr. Haris.” when we finally settled down. He laughed and turned to me. “Maira, you know what you been doing to Donald, I been doing the exact thing to you.”

I blinked. “Ok I been watching you for a month now and I keep thinking bout you. So every day at 7 I will go to the station just to see you.” he said.

I blinked again, twice this time. “You see I know things bout you like you always the last to step out the monorail, you wore high heels though you loathed them and you like to flip you hair back. I also know you look much prettier with your hair loose.” I saw his hand untied my ponytail and continued

“And thanks to you yesterday, I learned my mistakes. You don’t deserve to be judge. No one does. I don’t want to know you just by watching and gathering details. I wanted to know you more than that. I wanted to understand you, everything bout you, Maira. And I wanted to hear all these from your own self and not by assuming myself. Ok?”

“So you are trying to tell me. that it’s all my fault yesterday?” I asked him back. His expression changed to guilt immediately. He stumbled uncertainly “No, no, what I am saying, what I was trying to say was”

I put a finger on his lips. “It’s okay. At least someone learn from my mistakes right?” I said. He was silent.I smilled and asked “So you are a stalker?”.I  laughed.He pinched my nose. He slipped his hand through my finger and held my hand tight.

I asked “Where we going then?”

“No where.”He said. I fazed. “Literally we are going no where. We stay on the ride till it’s time for dinner. You are going to tell me all your stories. And if you are hungry, I brought snacks.” he said, showing what’s inside the plastic bag. I giggled “We can do it anywhere you know.” He replied. “But it got better view here.” We laughed. He just knew how to made me laugh. He did what he promise, making me feel better.

“ We cannot on eat in here you know. How you got the snacks, these are a lot.Do your boss know you are taking your time off today?”

“ So what, I'm hungry. Well, I am the boss. Actually, I kind of owned the shop..”

“No way, how?”

“I thought we are going to talked bout you.”

“Not fair, I want to know bout you too. Tell me bout this and then I tell you everything you want.”

“Ok, it began with my father bought the place fifiteen…”

I pulled myself close to him, listened to him telling me his stories very excitedly. This time I’m sure with myself. It’s not a judging. It comes genuinely from his heart and it managed to touch mine. I reckoned it’s a true sense not something I assumed. I felt so good because I don’t doubt my feeling. I just laid back and enjoyed my monorail date.