Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Shout Awards Shouting Factor!!

The Shout Awards Shouting Factors!!!!

I am blessed.I first found out that my blog is really that famous.Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca.Secondly,I got to go the SHOUT AWARDS!!On the plus 99 part,I was standing literally in front of the stage,behind the fences.I saw every bloody thing in their original size block-less by any tall persons.It was by far the most happening award ever.And the performances,my gosh the performances,was really really fantastic and unique,I can say as they put mostly amazing talented acts and bands who did not get much exposure in the Malaysia’s music mainstream.Here a list of the Shouting factors:The wows and the boos including some trivia.

The Wows Factors :

1. The crowd!They were mostly teenagers and had been piling up 3 hours before the show,gathering and sitting around the stages waiting willingly for the award to begin.Even before the show,they had been giving their co-operation and support to the floor manager.Their energies were so pumped,they sung along and danced to all performances and even commercial musics.(I was plus one).They put their hands up on the rapper show and hopping up and down during the rock bands banging.Of course,some might get a bit too crazy but they were fun nonetheless. Oh yes,and the applauding,the screaming,on e word :havoc!!They got the adrenaline rushing from the start of the show till the end.Hey,they did not call it shout awards for nothing right?

2.The nominees!It was different.They gave attention to the production that were not usually got attention in usual awards(or like my guy-friend, Anuar said Tv3 awards).For an obvious example,the radio show.They did honor the deejays once a while but don’t forget,the deejays were not the only one working for the show or radio.This will be an honour for people who worked in radio program(obviously coming from art industry management diploma student.)How bout winning film like KAMI,or series like Ghost or bands like Love Me Butch or Bunkface?How bout Upin and Ipin?Who thought on giving them ward though they make Malaysia very proud!They are people favorites but when it come to awards,they basically have no chance.Thank goodness for the chances Shout Awards gave.I’m telling you they did an absolute splendid works or these people won’t vote them right?I remember when an award trying to present awards for the good-looking guys or chicks,some media will sneer on the unoriginality of the award(like MTV) or how nonsense.Oh,come on!This is entertainment industry,and this is exactly the kind of thing that is entertaining.So,entertain us!

3.The performances!Bravo,bravo!Each have their own style and uniqueness.

-The performances kicked of with bees dancers(Dancers wearing like bees in a fashionable way) and Pop Shuvit with Oh,Shizuka,along side some geishas.It was a terrific opening act.

-Then they were performances by Caprice and Rahim Maarof-Incredible!You know this man still got it and Caprice was harmonizing with him beautifully.Hip hop and rock,who knew?,

-Nikki and Shahila(it was really sexy and groovy,makes you wanna sway your butt off.).

-Komplot and Pesawat(these is when you see that indie fans never fade.They were loyal giggers doing their thing all along the performances)

-Three singer songwriter,Delfino,Reza Salleh and Mia(forgot the full name but really,I should not have.They were mesmerizing.Beautiful beautiful performances).

-The one I remember crystal clear was One Buck Short that were very well mannered at first.The first song got people singing along the tune.However they did not keep their promised for too long.The boys were hopping around during the performances of my favourite track of the band :Kelibat Korupsi.I was jumping all along the song(and I swear that the most exercise I do recently).

-Bunkface,the ultimate band of the award perform Revolusi with the help of three really adorable kids,wearing big spectacles and playing the oversize guitar.So very cute.Of course,who can’t forget Jaclyn Victor tribute to Micheal Jackson.They definitely gave goosebumps.The best part was everybody was singing along loudly all along the performances, and these kids are teens.Obviously,M.J had given such huge impact to every single ages.

-Estranged gave an exploding performances LITERALLY.There were fireworks and flames along the stages.Rich were really different than his usual cool appearance instead became really ferocious that night.Meooow!!

-I can say without a doubt,Joe Flizzow were the best performer.Came in with a sport vehicles and break dancers,he succeed to satisfy every audiences in every side of stage and created a really nice choreograph. He also threw away some freebies to the crowd like light bangles ang KL caps.(each cost RM69).

-The closing act was insane!!Sean Kingston baby lighten up the crowd with 3 of his hits.He wasn’t really singing,I can say cause the people were excitedly singing all the songs,dancing like hell.I can see even the audiences in upper seats were grooving along .Beautiful girl however were THE hit making Kingston repeated the chorus again in the end of the tune.

4.The management!!I never been to event that run that smooth and precise.I mean there are some moments like Sean Kingston lost his way to the mike stand but they worked it out,baby!!

5.The hosts!!Jien especially,rock.He was running back and forward of the stage and still have time to greet, pose for the audiences and jokes around.Marion was looking hot and surprisingly humble.

The Boos factors

1.The absents!!I been dying to watch Faizal Tahir lives.But he was absent.So did Zahiril Adzim,Siti Nurhaliza and Stacy.What could have been so important that you can’t spend 3 hours of your time for glorious event..Ermm,I apologized,I’m sure they have reasons.

2.The Oops factors!I am no judge to modesty but I knew when they are too much.We are in Malaysia and there are limit for everything even clothing.One of the Malay artist wore really skimpy clothing that one of the male audiences took picture of her visible thongs.Ewww..Kudos to Shazzy Falak,Dynaz Mokthar and Fazura who managed to look gorgeous without showing too much skins.

1.Stars like Fazura,Shazzy and Jac wore a black glove on one hand to pay tribute to the music and style icon,Micheal Jackson

2.The Car that Joe Flizzow used for his performances was Naza Italia.