Sunday, May 10, 2009

The don'ts of chasing love from a single maniac

The Don’ts of Chasing Love From A Single Maniac

Helll,have i ever fell in love??I am not sure really but for sure i have been broken hearted oh-so many times.So how does it broke without me fallin?Im blaming hormones,chick flick and my dysfunctional brain.

There was AZMAN HADRI on primary skool but it was silly.The crush thing not him.He is hot.And there was AIZAT NASIR,rich,cute,my first date(recess break) but lost contacted.HADI who then call me fat in front everybody.SYAFIQ who then thought i am a stalker freak and JALI who are not meant to share with the public.

The truth is i am an ass in love.I sometime get insecure,scared that i am rejected,cheated or humilated.But really every of my non-existent relationship end with shame.God!!I wish iam not born dramatic
But at least i gain a lot of the do's and dont's (mostly don'ts) when flirting with a guy.Let me share u some:

1.Never let people know that u so obses with the guy that you die for him.
2.Never check on his stuff when he is not there and leave scary notes like im watching u or something.
3.If he not giving good signs back,move on.You deseve so much better.
4.Never give him ultra expensive gift in public as it :
a-show u will do anything for him i.e obsessed
b-embarrasing if he goes like "i don't receive gift from strangers" or something like dat.It does not happen to me but to my friends and it involve greeting cards.
c-left u broke.
5.Check if he is after someone close to you like your cousin or best bud to avoid any serious mass of destruction.
6.Watch this single approve chick flick:
Bridget Jones Diary,The Little Black Book,Legally Blonde

There are lots more.Share with me if you had any love or other disasters related story and problems.Long live singletons!!!