Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Kills

Love Kills.

What hurt the most,
Is knowing him smile as a courtesy,
Not because he likes to see me
What kills me,
Is seeing him pampering other girls,
In that moment I don’t even exist in the world
What give me real pain
That he never ask me bout my tales,
While I listen to his every details,
What gets me,
That I remember everything he does, he listens, and he wears,
And he didn’t even remember I was there
What choke me,
Is he made fun of all my flaws,
And I cannot show him how heart-breaking it though
What turn me ill,
Is that he realize I help thru any fall,
And he don’t appreciate it at all,
What hit me hard,
Is that i'm just a side kick,
He don’t even he care if I’m sick
What hurt the very most,
After all this things,
I’m still deeply in love with him.
*I'm not lucky in love really.But I think most girl or boys can relate to this poem.
So,there this guy who I really like but he don't seem to be aware.He hits on every of my best
friend and never me.Being so stupid THEN,I still stick tohim but now,no more,no more..

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